Blue Flag



What is it? 

Blue Flag is an international certification programme and eco-label which works towards the achievement of the sustainable development of beaches or marinas. It is based on compliance with strict criteria related to water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, safety and other services. 


The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the independent non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which advocates that the project must be championed by a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Community Based Organisation (CBO). 




For Trinidad and Tobago, Asclepius Green is the local NGO appointed as our Blue Flag National Coordinator. They are responsible for 

  • Representing FEE nationally 
  • Strict monitoring of candidate and awarded sites according to Blue Flag criteria
  • Regular communication with partners
  • Alerting the National Jury on any non-compliance regarding Blue Flag criteria
  • (Asclepius logo).


Blue Flag in Trinidad and Tobago

At present the Las Cuevas Beach is the only certified Blue Flag beach in Trinidad and Tobago but efforts are ongoing to ensure that all beaches will eventually fly the Blue Flag.  

Each beach must maintain the requisite standards to be awarded certification for one season. Trinidad and Tobago’s season aligns with the other countries in the Western Hemisphere and runs from November till November the next year after which an assessment will be conducted to determine whether the beach can be awarded a subsequent season. 

Our Information Board provides the general rules and guidelines for maximising your enjoyment at the beach. It is important to adhere to the Lifeguard warnings signs as well as the zones demarcated for sea- bathers. 

Our Information Board also indicates the bathing water quality and this is updated every thirty days. You can also look out for any upcoming Educational Activities that will take place at the beach or at a venue nearby. See also below for any updates.


For more information about the Blue Flag process and criteria feel free to visit http://www.blueflag.global/ or find us on Facebook  Blue Flag Trinidad and Tobago.