The tourism sector earns over TTD4 billion annually in direct receipts from international stopover arrivals, cruise arrivals and domestic visitors combined. International stopover visitors are the largest revenue generator, accounting for approximately TTD3.3 billion per year. 

Trinidad and Tobago receives an average of 423,000 international stopover visitors annually. The majority of whom, 37%, come from the United States followed by visitors from Canada and the United Kingdom with 13% and 9% respectively. Trinidad is the primary destination of approximately 90% of these visitors, while Tobago is the primary destination for the rest. It is estimated that approximately 13% of international stopover visitors whose main destination is Trinidad, also visit Tobago. The majority of visitors to Trinidad, roughly 40%, come to the island to visit friends and relatives, followed by 18% who visit for business reasons. Approximately 70% of visitors to Tobago, on the other hand, are on leisure or beach vacations. 

Also contributing directly to the sector is revenue generated from cruise ship arrivals and domestic tourism. Cruise passenger arrivals to the destination averages around 40,000 persons per year, with 60% visiting Tobago. 

In terms of domestic tourism, it is estimated that roughly 39 per cent of total households in Trinidad and Tobago take an average of 1.66 Domestic Overnight Trips (DOT) per year, equating to approximately 233,087 household trips.

Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism sector is relatively labour intensive, providing approximately 27,000 jobs. The direct impact of the Travel and Tourism has been estimated as being equivalent to 3.1% of total economic output in 2014.