Who we are

The Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) is a state enterprise of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, mandated to develop and market Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism product and improve the local tourism sector. Formed in May 2005, the TDC is the implementation arm of the Ministry of Tourism, dedicated to realising the vision for tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. This vision is guided by several long-term goals and the intention is for tourism to serve as a major pillar in the diversification of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy.
This objective is to establish Trinidad and Tobago’s tourism industry as a significant economic sector, contributing strongly to the nation's GDP, through job creation (indirect and direct) and increased revenues to the treasury. The idea is to emphasise the uniqueness of the two islands, to provide an internationally-competitive tourism product, complemented by a comprehensive, fully-functional physical infrastructure and a modern, competitive institutional framework which is supported by the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The sector will be anchored by flagship products with brand names that are globally recognised.


Our Mission

To facilitate the development and marketing of the T&T tourism product.


Our Vision

To be an effective enabler of a unique, vibrant and sustainable tourism sector.

Destination Trinidad and Tobago’s value proposition to visitors is:

Trinidad: a unique yet distinctly Caribbean visitor experience. We offer visitors multi-faceted product offerings and a wide range of activities from which to choose.

Tobago: a more traditional Caribbean island offering of sun, sea and sand complemented by a rich heritage, cultural and ecological experience.



What we do

The TDC is committed to establishing and implementing standards for the development and maintenance of tourism infrastructure and amenities, as well as standards for all identified tourist sites and attractions. The agency is also responsible for the rationalisation of the ownership of all beach facilities, tourism sites and attractions and maintenance of these identified facilities and amenities.

All elements of tourism marketing and promotion are the exclusive responsibility of the TDC, including the promotion of hotel investment opportunities. The agency is mandated to manage the State's interest in all new hotel developments and facilitate applications from tourism investors for concessions under the Tourism Development Act or similar legislation. The TDC is also mandated to upgrade the reception and information service facilities at the destination's official ports of entry, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.



Strategic Imperatives

Strengthen Tourism Destination Marketing: So we can clearly define T&T’s brand, effectively communicate these to our target markets, and maintain channels that make it easy for potential customers to buy our tourism products.

Strengthen Tourism Investment & Incentives Framework: So we can encourage the development of select, strategic tourism products by local and foreign investors.

Strengthen Tourism Product Development, Management & Logistics: So we can consistently provide the range and quality of services required to fulfill T&T’s tourism value proposition. Where the functions of the TDC relate to Tobago, all activities are planned and accomplished in consultation with the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).